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3D websites

Post by estudiant »

Hi everyone,

well today i'm interested in programming a 3 dimensionnal website for selling and i wonder if i can do so with blender ? is it really possible or do i have to use another program ?
just to give some more information : it's a website that is only going to be used on testers to prove whether or not people would be willing to buy on such plateforms (marketing issues you know)

thanks in advance

Guillaume Côté
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Post by Guillaume Côté »

Hi! Sorry if I catch you late but you should be posting this on blender artist forums instead of here. This forum is more a technical development forum, blender artist is much much more lively.

For your question, I can't answer, sorry. =/ I don't really know myself, haven't seen many blender application on the web so I think you should need other software or a html programmer to help you but I'm pretty sure you can do all the 3D elements in Blender.

Have a great day!

carsten cs
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Post by carsten cs »

Hi I think you can do something like this with the new Flash/Airplayers using the stage3D api, which works with hardware acceleration.

The advantage: you can pass your ..for example .. flex 2D architecture through bitmaps data to the 3d context.

At the moment I'm looking for a nice export feature to translate blender bones into matrix 3D movements?, which you could use in the open 3D render pipeline of air or flash with shaders. Does Blender support something like this.

Does this someone know. ? Can you extract the 3D translation matrix of the meshes in a open translation format?

will there be a Panel in Blender, with which you can get directly 3d code to copy manualy in a selfmade flash 3D shader ?

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Post by rygenastonia »

Blender Game Engine does export to a web page, but you have to make sure everyone has downloaded the app prior to viewing the site.

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Post by ldo »

Nowadays people are increasingly using WebGL with newer browsers. The site p3d.in has lots of examples.

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Post by przemekk »

The Burster plugin allows you to use your blender files over the websites. It works in windows and Linux (no mac). Current version is secure and supports Blender 2.62 files.

More details and examples at: http://geta3d.com

WebGL although it shows some really good examples, and don't require to install any plugings is still far away behind plain OpenGL. As far as i know the WebGL is a subset of OpenGL ES which is a subset of OpenGL :).

WebGL is good for displaying the model, and that's it. If you need some more interactivity you definitely should use Blender and publish your files by Burster.[/url]
Visit geta3d.com to get the Burster and publish your Blender files.

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