Sanity check my approach to modelling a Unity game level

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Sanity check my approach to modelling a Unity game level

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Hi All, I was hoping someone could give me a few pointers on how to create a level for a game in Unity (iOS). I'm a seasoned programmer, but totally new to 3D.

The level I have in mind is a racetrack, on a mountain. The approach I'm considering is to model a mountain out of a plane and then either

1. Carve the race track surface into the mountain or
2. Create a racetrack using an extruded bezier curve, overlayed onto the mountain.

However, before I proceed I was just wondering wether anyone has any Protips® or gottchas that I need to look out for.

My immediate concern is that because this is for iOS, loading an entire level into memory like this might be too much to ask of an iPhone/iPad.

Anyhoot, I suppose I'm just asking for a sanity check on this approach.


Guillaume Côté
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First of all, for better faster feedback, you might want to move to and ask the same question. Most (99%) of the community have moved there so it is the place to go for questions like this one.

Now, for your question, I must admit I don't really know. I would recommend to model the mountain and the race track at the same time (same mesh). I don't know on the power of portable phones, but and extruded Bezier curve will be very heavy even at low resolution. Also, try to keep the model low on polygon and work more on the textures. They are less heavy to load and can make a great job even on the lowest polygon characters.

Hope this helped and don't forget to go on Blenderartist!

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