Blender based version of Office Assistant?

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Blender based version of Office Assistant?

Post by thesun »

Does anyone have suggestions or guidelines for using Blender to make a Linux version of the Office Assistant on Macs? My wife uses Macs at work and loves the little computer that hangs out and does random things (sleep, kick its feet, get bored, etc.) as she uses the computer. I want to make a little Tux the Penguin that will do a similar thing on our Linux box at home...sit down, stand up, kick its feet, shrug, dance, and so on. I'm doing this just as a fun little personal project, but would love some suggestions about how to do this.

1. Does anything like this exist for Linux already? Would anyone who is already doing this want me as a beta-tester?
2. After the character is rendered, what method would be best to bring it to life?
3. Can a Blender animation be running in the background and do different things based on user input (key events, mouse clicks, etc.)
4. For a non-programmer, what language might be easiest to use to accomplish this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :-)

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Post by sasKuach »

It wouldn't be as much blender-based as it would blender-created, but you could

1) make a penguin in blender
2) animate it to seperate frames (seperate files)
3) convert those to XPM file format
4) animate them on the desktop with a GTK app.

shows how to put a transparent xpm on the desktop, much like an icon. It shouldn't be that much of a stretch to animate it.

Good luck. I hope to see your dancing penguin soon! :)

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Post by ideasman »

Id use pygame (only because I know how to use it)

You could then have blender tell the Character what type of object was selected and other info that it could use to talk about. - Context sensitive.

Eg- It could say stuff about mesh editing if it saw a mesh was selected.
if the mesh was huge it might mention the decimator or seperate function.

I generaly dont like the paperclip type help system, Id rather good lengthy tooltips that actualy tell you more then what is written on the button. :)

- Cam

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