Model goes flying now that the character is rigged

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Model goes flying now that the character is rigged

Post by dbs727 »

I'm working on a Blender game and I have a character model that I used to be able to run around and jump in my map just fine, but I was going to animate things and I rigged and skinned the character model but now whenever I start the game engine now the character just goes shooting backward, ricochets off the mountain behind him and then clips through any objects it comes in contact with. How can I fix this? If I need to I can provide my .blend file.

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Post by cacballs »

Hey friend, did you find a solution to your issue? I'm having a similar one that I can't figure out.

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Post by OTO »

select your character object and set "Physics" to "No collision"!
Do the same for the "Armature" if you've a "Bounding box" ( or something like that)!

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