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Texture Large Scale

Post by catacomb »

Hi all...i have a little bit problem here...when i make texture for my game engine environment which 16 blender unit and 2048 width, height smart uv project image , i got nice result of my project...but, 16 blender unit does not quit enough for game engine environment...That is why i make large scale to my project but another problem appear...I got bad result of the texture image...Then, i make new one smart uv project image about 10000 width and height and look like that texture result looking great...But some time making my machine crash, although i use: quad core cpu
8 gb ddr3 ram
nvidia gtx gpu

I have no idea how to resolve this problem anymore...that is what bring me here...bye the way, sorry if you feeling bad of my language...[/b]

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Post by OTO »


10,000x10,000 size textures?
Me I like to use 512, 256 for little/far/tiled objects and one or two 1024 ( terrain?)!
Well, with your super computer you could try some 4056x4056 ones, but keep in mind that if you'll share your file most people can't run it!

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