Stereo 3D, Kinect, and PS Move controls for Blender are here

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Stereo 3D, Kinect, and PS Move controls for Blender are here

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I created this Blender interface in 3 weeks using only open source software components: Blender, Processing, and RUIS.

It's pretty fun way to do 3D modeling once you learn the system. I reckon that this kind of interface will be useful especially in 3D animation (posing bones, doing motion capture, etc).

I used my own Blender script that provides stereo 3D support for Blender that can be used without Kinect or PlayStation Move. All you need is a 3D display that supports top-and-bottom stereo mode.

Get the Blender script and instructions for using Kinect and PS Move with Blender by downloading RUIS for Processing:

My script is tested to work with 32- and 64-bit Windows. It will also work on OSX and Ubuntu, but you need to do minor modifications on input wrapper functions in, that currently rely on ctypes.windll library.

Following features in Blender's Python API would help development of systems like this:
1) A way to mirror a 3D view (its width/height, gizmos, panels, buttons, etc) into another 3D view, with the only differences being separate camera location, rotation, and projection matrix variables.
2) Means to change camera projection matrix or at least its aspect ratio.
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