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Textures Getting Messed up when Setting Scene in Game Engine

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 5:08 pm
by Darth_Revan
Hey I have used blender for a couple years, but I am still pretty new to the Game Engine. This is the first game I have made, and everything was working ok until now. I have a start menu I set up, and have made it to set the scene for the gameplay when I click start. When I start off in the gameplay scene (like before I made the menu) everything was working fine, but when I switch to the scene, some textures, geometry, and lighting are different and messed up. For example, I have some coins that have a geometry only texture on them. When I start the game on that scene, they look just like they should, but when I set the scene from the menu, they have only color and no geometry for texture. Did I miss something? Or is there a better way to play the game from the menu than setting the scene upon clicking a button?