when is the game engine coming back?

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when is the game engine coming back?

Post by zevranman »

Who is working on putting the game engine back in Blender? I would like to know what changes there are, and if you have an idea as to when it will be back in Blender.
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Post by levon »

this is like asking when will the manual be infront of me, it will happen, you should just sit back and make do with what youve got.

afaik the logic blocks will be mostly the same, it will jush have a new engine controling it at first

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Post by djcapelis »

Likely will be the same engine, as for when this will happen, please look at the game engine status thread, that's what it's about!

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Post by IngieBee »

I think you can be pretty much assured that the game engine will remain seperate, however possibly linked. By linked, I mean, you may eventually be able to "push a button" and you'd switch into "gameblender" mode. The game engine has a lot to do with animation in Blender, so both interests will be needing the ability, but I think you're gonna see this stuff compartmentalized.

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