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armatures and collision

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2013 10:58 pm
by Absia
Hi everyone..I'm new to blender but I have more basic information about bge.I'm currently in a process of making a 3d game..I got a obj model from makehuman and I added armatures to it.its working fine...and I created all walk cycles and running actions.I also created models using google sketchup 8..I imported correctly and everything is being set except that,I can't make the obj model to collide with the model from google sketchup!!! The process I follow is : while I'm in game mode,I select the armature which controls the obj,and set its physics to dynamic and leave all those setting as default.when I play the game,the obj model just got pulled down rapidly like crazy.when I did this method with a sphere,the sphere collided with every static object I was having in the scene but when I do this to the armature is doesn't certain thing is that, when I set the obj rather than the armature as dynamic nothing could anyone please help me..thanks in advance!