interface BGE with parallel port

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interface BGE with parallel port

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Hi all,

I got stuck trying to interface the BGE with a parallel port under Ubuntu 11.10.

even just trying to get pyParallel to work under Python3 throws you straight into the pit of despair that is trying to convert python2 code to python3 code.

Anyways, all I need to do is send out a TTL pulse from the PC running blender, ideally with as little latency as possible. Right now I've got a microcontroller (mbed) connected through a serial port which generates the TTL pulse. This works but is a suboptimal solution in my eyes.

There are some threads on this around but none have a satisfying solution. Interestingly, just putting 'TTL' into the forum search (here or on blenderartists) comes up empty. Surely someone must have done this before?

Any help/ideas would be much appreciated!

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