Apps for Game Enigne ?

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Apps for Game Enigne ?

Post by wes1 »


I whose just thinking do you also think that for game engine we only need applications, I mean for every differnte gerne (like rpg, third person, race game etc) you need differnt technieqs like a terrain engine or particle effect, water effect) etc. In stead of just only improving the game engine ?


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Dont quite understand

Post by Saluk »

I don't quite understand you. Adding more features to the game engine is definately important, but pre-programming features that are locked in to a specific genre is not the right way to go. These sorts of things might be good as plugins, templates, or python scripts, but I don't want application-specific code to pollute the core blender engine which is wonderful in it's versatility.

Although the things you mentioned could be useful for any sort of game. Bring on the features!

But before new features are added, I think it would be best to focus on getting physics reimplemented and working on fixing the old bugs and speed problems.

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Post by snowy_duck »

i think we should really work on just making the game engine better overall i mean theres so many people some would be deprived. :cry:

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