How to make a city or a forest in BGE?

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How to make a city or a forest in BGE?

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Hi there fellow blender community, i'm on my way to create my first video game, and i'm kindda stuck in a simple problem, see, i'm making a metal gear solid 3 style game, for that i just create one or two threes and i make a group of it. So i quickly gone to Render mode and i go to particles, make it on hair and i give it the option of group, i select the group and the threes magicly come up on the screen ... but ... the problem comes when i press P! "magicly" the trees are gone or simply doesn't exist, is there anyway to render it on BGE? in the case i have to create a city, do i have to make the city manually????
Will be great if you guys can help me with this, becasue i already program my enemy to attack me if he see me (which is very cool) already have my life bar working, but i just can't create a lovely outdoor scenery!
Later i post some pictures to give it more ... nice apperiance to this topic ;)
Hope i asked clearly and you guys can kindly help me this little problem.

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