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uv texture mapping......

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2002 2:34 am
by holly_keia
hiya all^^
ive been using blender for a while now, but only lately ive started trying to make my first photorealistic model... i actually have the 3d model head finished, just a few twitches left to take care of^^
prob is textures..... a photorealistic model can't be good without a good way of putting textures on it.. so i have a few questions:

a. ive tried uv mapping, but when i use the "map from view" option, most of the faces "square" off... hard to describe.... instead of mapping from view properly, it half does it and sorta messes up the whole faces.... i've never had this probelm before, any ideas?

b. can you combine a uv texture map with a nor bump map on same surface? its for rendering, not for game usage.....

c. how in the world do you put material/texture on a nurb surface? i could do it in earlier versions, but when i render now, the material resets and im stuck with grey surface in rendering... any ideas..

thanks guys^^ im at wits end on these, i believe im ok in how to use blender, but i still face these setbacks^^

thanks everyone^^ once i get the photorealistic head of my sis finished i'll post it^^

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2002 5:41 am
by Saluk
Please ask questions about how to use blender at elysiun ( These forums are set up to discuss the actual development of the blender software. Also, you're post sounds mostly for rendering rather than game engine, I'd suggest the question and answer forum at elysiun for the best possible response.

Not to lay in on you, it's a bit confusing having 3 places for blender info, and none of them have much on the front page to point you to thr right one.

Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2002 3:09 am
by holly_keia
sorry, i didnt know where to actually post the question, and since uv mapping is mainly for the game engine, i'd thought i'd put it here....
ill post my q's on elysiun