Making a screensaver viewable

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Making a screensaver viewable

Post by christoph »


I want to make my screensaver executable.

I have created an animation, which is running in a circle, an if i try it in Blender with Alt+A everything works fine.

but then i try it with "game->start game" and it doesn't work. Only the first frame is shown without color.

How can a correct this?

Is it possible that Blender shows the animation without changing the resolution and using fullscreen?. He should use the resolution of the windows desktop.

Thanks for your help

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Post by jeotero »

add a logicbrick to play the animation in the realtime game engine ...

You would find a lot more help in the elysiun forums

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Post by jd-multi »

Well first, yes it's possible to make animations in the game engine, but alt+a doesn't work there, you have to set up logic bricks that says, Always -> and --> Ipo (animations frame to frame?), this is a basic how I can explain logic bricks in text, well you don't have to ciode, just use logic bricks. Searhc game engine topic for screensavers, I made a couple of them using runtimes.exe with the extension changes to .scr and put it into the windows directory, but this only works for windows, I don't know how to do that in Linux or else.

Just try a search on elysiun, game engine topic, and search for Blender Screensaver. :D Don't know if they are still online. :?

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