Solid physics back in BF-Blender

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Solid physics back in BF-Blender

Post by jesterKing »

Since the gameengine status thread feels buggy (url-voodoo necessary to view newest posts), I start this new thread.

My original post:
jesterKing wrote:I committed yesterday tuhopuu2 solid gameengine to bf-blender CVS. This brings Blender 2.25 physics back to bf-blender.

The process has been done fully for SCons on Linux and Windows, other build systems follow soonish.

Make sure you use the bugtracker to report faulty behaviour (which probably will be found), and check if a bug you think you have found already might have been reported (so we don't get double reports - no, double reports don't speed up the fixing process, they only slow it down).

and what I forgot to mention: Kester has done all the work, so credit goes to him (I just ported it).

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Post by wiseman303 »

Yay! So this means the game engine will be back in the next official release of bf-blender?

This is great news :D

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Post by jd-multi »

Finally the thing we game engine users have waiten for, to see it comming back in blender 2.3x :P I hope it will actually done this time. :D

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Post by jeotero »

any binaries :P

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Post by johnn »

:shock: Is there a build you can download? Tried bf-blender-0313 but and I can see the engine buttons, but when I press the keys I've put into the logicbricks nothing happens - is it - the wrong build? or do I have to download an engine separetly?


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