Double sided UV face

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Double sided UV face

Post by enriq766 »

I have a request....

Why cant we double side more than one UV face at a time. I am working on a rather large game and it takes hours upon hours to double side all the faces I need double sided. I do this to save valuble poly faces.(of course) This is biggest gripe that I have. Can it be made to double side UV faces more than one at a time in the furture?

This would really help us game developers.

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Post by matt_e »

The 'Copy Draw Mode' feature that's in both the 3D View 'Face' menu and in the Edit buttons Texture face panel can do this. It copies the settings from the active face (the one with the coloured edges) to all selected faces. So you can just right click on a face, press 'two sided', then (for example) border select a bunch of other faces and use copy draw mode to make them all two sided as well.

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