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IngieBee wrote:You mean making the monitor 3d without any eye devices?

imagine how the old red green glasses work. each eye sees a different image through filtering out the image the other eye sees.

now imagine that each eye sees a different image from the same screen (in full colour)

the "better googles" (my opinion)
show your left eye every odd frame and the right eye sees every even frame(eg 100Hz monitor left=1,3,5...97,99 right=2,4,6...98,100)

this fools your eyes into thinking they are watching a 3d object.

this is how eyemax does it (and it works if you have seen the tv footage of eyemax 3d people reaching out to the screen to touch stuff)

i hope that answered your questions

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Post by IngieBee »

Oh, I thought you ment without anything like shutter glasses, which I couldn't imagine at this point.

I think I understand you now :)

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well, you have a point, shutter glasses have their qualities, but you forget to mention an important difference. With HMD's with tracking, you can look around, and the environment can reflect this. That is immersion, not only stereoscopic display. wearing glasses and staring at your screen makes you look even more dumb i guess. but they can be cheaper, true definitely since they come with cards like the asus deluxe and such.

oh, and yes, stereoscopic technologies do exist without glasses or anything, it's build in into some flatscreens...


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Cyberdigitus wrote:well, you have a point, shutter glasses have their qualities, but you forget to mention an important difference.
there's another important difference: I already have this gear. I was looking for cooperative individuals, not an arguement.

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Post by dmoc »

Blender does support the OpenGL stereo option (well, GameBlender did) but on my system (with ASUS 6800 card) it'll only work once then I have to reboot.

There are now 3D monitors that do not require glasses but they are very expensive and I have heard you have to keep your head pretty still. If I remember right they use a "lenticular"(?) technique. Same sort of thing as those novelty pictures that change when you move your head from side to side.

As far as I can tell (and I've been digging for info for a long time) current TFT displays are not suitable for fast moving stereoscopic displays BUT there is a new LCD display technology on the horizon that, supposedly, is suitable.

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Here are some links people should pay attention to,


lots of serious augmented reality research here and free software.



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