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.exe program

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2002 10:47 pm
by snowy_duck
okay i heard that if u save your blend. games as an .exe anyone can play the game even if they don't have blender. well my question is what program do they have to have and do the games run fast? like if it were normal instead of so slow?

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2002 12:55 am
by jeotero
download blender publisher from the downloads section

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2002 7:20 am
by xintoc
games with more pythons are faster and if your game is slow then
try enableing all the frames from the 'Game' section.

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2002 5:49 pm
by snowy_duck
u must have misread what i wrote. i asked what program will run a .exe blender file and will that game playinbg under that program be slowed down like in blender? i want to send my game to my dad and he doesn't have blender so he can't play .blends. will he be able to play the .exe instead?

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2002 9:56 pm
by S_W
Yup, that's the idea behind the.exe.

Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2002 10:00 am
by Saluk
WINDOWS will run the exe. That's what the exe means, is that windows will run it. You know, just like any old program. To run fast it needs a good 3d card, and no, exes aren't much faster than .blends (although in some cases they can be a little faster.)

The most surefire way to increase speed is to make sure you are using as FEW objects as possible, as SMALL textures as possible (preferably less than 24 bit color) or no textures, as FEW textures as possible (try putting a few textures in one file), as SIMPLE of logic as possible (in most cases, using a python script will make the logic very simple), and as FEW faces as possible. Remember, if your faces are composed of 4 vertexes rather than 3, those faces are actually TWO faces to the engine. So remember to take that into account when judging how many faces you have.


What really sucks is that the physics many times work DIFFERENTLY depending on how fast the computer is that's running it! In order to get my multiplayer framework to work right, I have to use a lot of annoying hacks to scale it back, and sometimes it still causes loads of problems. If anything can be fixed in the game engine, THIS IS WHAT I WANT THE MOST OF ANYTHING. Thanks:)


Posted: Fri Nov 15, 2002 2:40 am
by akabigbro
What about linux elf binaries? Is there a compiler for Linux? I thought the purpose behind Blender was to be multiplatform.

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2002 5:02 pm
by inka
Using Blender under linux doesn't prevent you from creating a so called "Runtime". The Runtime created under linux is exactly what the .exe is under windows. If you create the .exe under windows you need to create a Runtime there too. If people would always speek of a Rutime instead of an .exe it would be more clear. So if you want to be really multiplatform, just use blender under linux and windows and create the Runtime-Version for each system.

Here is what a linux runtime exactly is:
ingo@ingo:~/BLENDER-Studienarbeit/Testumgebung/Runtime> file Runtime-Linux-271102-Test-Environment
Runtime-Linux-271102-Test-Environment: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), stripped