Verse and Blender's future?

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Verse and Blender's future?

Post by IngieBee »

Is there going to be a future Blender client that can hook up to Verse?

How difficult would it be to retain the look and feel of Blender while giving it the ability to communicate with other clients through Verse?

Is anyone working on this?

Dang, I wish I could code, heck, I’d also have to have time, but for a mother with a blender obsessed boy, who is getting too big to sit on her lap, it sure would be nice!

He could sit over at his computer and we could work on stuff together, separately ;P.

But seriously, my question is, what makes it harder (as I know it must/does) to use Blender as an application base for a client, than to build one from scratch? I’d really like to know the issues involved, that you can see off hand.

Thanks, Ingie

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Post by eskil »

(I already answered this post on the verse-dev list, if you want more on verse join it.)

No its not that hard.

And i think its going to happen soon. (although Im not the one who are going to make it happen),

It easier to add to a new app then an existing one. because when you write a new app you can design it especially for verse. However it shouldent be impossible to do for an existing app..


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