Stereo mode with blender (some screens of the stereo modes)

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Post by peterm »

Re: Tuhopuu "Built on 2004-09-04'
On my Geforce configuration (latest nvidia driver/stereo software) i get this printout in the console on closing the game window:

On my Quadro configuration -- actually the game window doesnt launch properly in any mode --- stereo or non-stereo. Well the window launches,
it is the correct size, but it is black and closes after a few seconds.[/quote]

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I'm going to try the tuhopuu2 build for irix.... I hope it works :D

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IT WORKS!! and works realy nice! :D

result in the Unix Shell:

silicafuel1 21% ./tuhopuuplayer -s hwpageflip ZeroCon.blend

GLEW: 1.2.3
GL Vendor : SGI
GL Renderer: VPRO/B/128
GL Version : 1.2 Irix 6.5
Colour : 16 bits (5/5/5/1)
Accum : 64 bits (16/16/16/16)
Depth : 24 bits
Stencil : 0 bits
Multisample: Not supported
Stereo : Enabled
Shadow maps: Not supported
GLSL : Not supported
Programs : Not Supported
Texunits : 1
Vertex Arrays Enabled.
ARB_vertex_buffer_objects not supported.

and this is the workstation info:
Workstation Name: silicafuel1

Model: Onyx3 InfinitePerformance, Fuel
CPU: 1 700MHz MIPS R16000(IP35) Processor with MIPS R16010 FPU
Main Memory: 2 GB
Data Cache: 32 KB
Instruction Cache: 32 KB
Secondary Instruction-Data Cache: 4 MB
Operating System: IRIX64 Release 6.5
Graphics: V12

More Graphics Info:

Graphics board 0 is "ODYSSEY" graphics.
Managed (":0.0") 1280x1024
BUZZ version B.1
PB version 1
128MB memory
Banks: 4, CAS latency: 3
Monitor 0 type: SGX 512
Channel 0:
Origin = (0,0)
Video Output: 1280 pixels, 1024 lines, 100.00Hz (1280x1024_100s)

Well, as I said now it works thank you very much for your help and feedback.. I only want to modify the camera rotation because I don't want to twist too much time my eyes :lol:

see you


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