please help Mouse not working properly in Game Engine (OSX)

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please help Mouse not working properly in Game Engine (OSX)

Post by friedbrain »

Hi, my mouse is behaving oddly for all games that require a mouse,
the mouse goes all over the place spining uncontrollably, don't know
what to do, please help......

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Post by farbin »

With 2.25 on OSX, setMousePosition() does not work (which sends you flying uncontrolled) and with 2.34 mouse movement pretty much freezes up or becomes extremely un-responsive.

I haven't successfully made a first person .blend that works properly on OSX since I started using Blender.

If there are any ideas, I would love to hear them.


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Post by garycmartin »

Just to add to this thread - I found some mouse examples that do seem to work ok, but many of the demo games out there seem to have a mouse update issue.

With the 'broken' games it's as if the mouse coords were only read every few seconds and snapping to a large gird, causing you to over shoot your movements and jump about in large steps.

I keep meaning to take a look at the differences between working and non-working mouse code, it could be just that a bunch of folks a few blender versions ago all used a similar mouse reading script, and it is this technique that is now broken under blender 2.34 or OS X (I haven't tested if this is just an OS X issue).

Maybe someone else can examine a few of these cases - I'm a little pushed for time just now.

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