unusual racetrack-> need help

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unusual racetrack-> need help

Post by metafor »

hi everybody

need some help. it's quiet difficult to explain, perhaps it's
better you just have a look on my .blend file.

i want to make a kind of a racetrack, but you should be able
to race on all sides of the track, not just on the surface.


thanks for every idea how to solve my problem..

i've already posted on elsyiun.com, sorry to annoy some


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Post by alltaken »

one person race or multi person race.

i have an idea that i think may work or perhaps may not

as i an not very familiar with the game engine.

make it like "monkey ball" where you move the track in relation to the world rather than the car or racer.

key imputs change rotation of the track and inturn effect speed and cornering.

but this may change how you would like the controls to feel.

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