Why is my scene slow now??

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Why is my scene slow now??

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Hi All,

My simulation of the control-line model plane aerobatics pattern is now looking great, and it has become very useful in training of judges and pilots for competitions. I needed to have "pop-up" 3-D maneuver shapes, and because Blender can't draw lines or wire-frame pictures at the same time as the rendered pics, I use small, extruded tubes with 4 sides. I then use vertex paint to colour the faces black or whatever colour I need. I leave the shapes under my scene, and then use IPO's to place them in the scene by various key commands. This slows down my P-4 3Ghz with a GE-Force 5700 card, so that the movement flickers. If I place the hidden maneuver shapes further from the scene, then it works better.

Are the shapes with the tubes very "processor-intensive?" Is their a better way. If I place the hidden shapes in another layer, is this a better way? Then lastly, is there a way to copy drawings from one layer to another? Thanks for the help.


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