Hurray for Kester

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Hurray for Kester

Post by malCanDo »

Well done dude, on getting one of the coding awards at the Blender Conference 2004! ... 468.0.html

Your ongoing work in the game engine is very much appreciated!

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Post by nay »

hear hear!

or is that here here... here hear... hear here!?

whatever - thanks Kester!

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Post by pildanovak »

I have to join this, congratulations for the Suzanne Awards

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Post by Saluk »

You deserve it kester. It's a lot to take on - one programmer against the world! Or something like that lol.

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Post by mpan3 »

Congrats mate! And keep coding :wink:

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Re: Hurray for Kester

Post by arangel »

malCanDo wrote:Well done dude, on getting one of the coding awards at the Blender Conference 2004!
I was there, standing clapping!
Alexandre Rangel
Multimedia Designer

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Post by jd-multi »

Shame to me I didn't post around that time.
Kester, you've done excellent work. Bringing the game engine back, finxing bugs and addin news things.
We're looking forwards to the future developement of the game engine and maybe new features.

Also congratulations on getting your coding award. You really deserved it. :D

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