toon rendering in real-time (low frame rate OK)

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toon rendering in real-time (low frame rate OK)

Post by zblace »


Is there anyone who has experiance of doing toon rendering for real time interactive application? Could this be done? any references???

I would not be needing any high frame rate ... just few frame rates with slow moving objects would be sufficient for start ;)

Thanks and sorry if I ask already discussed topic (search results =0 for me)

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Post by halibut »

It can be "faked" in blender game engine by:

Duplicating model, making the model ever so slightly larger (scale on normals - larger scale = thicker lines), pointing all of the normals inwards, and setting them to black (or the cell shading colour) and to shadeless.

You are more likely to find a better answer at forums, this is a development forum. Thanks,

edit: There are some demo files around with a cell shaded skater girl, no idea where they are though.

- halibut

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Post by alien-xmp »

Try using a reflection map, ie paint a sphere in your toon style, and map it using reflection map:

Image ... ic&id=toon

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Post by ch »

and map it using reflection map:
how can i do this with UV?
German site with Blender Tutorials

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Post by z3r0_d »

ch wrote:
and map it using reflection map:
how can i do this with UV?

you apply the image to the faces, then in the image window you go:
image -> realtime texture mapping -> reflection

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