2.35 and 2.36 Game engine IPO bugs

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2.35 and 2.36 Game engine IPO bugs

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Hi All,
I tested the game engine in 2.35 and the latest 2.36, and it has bugs when I use the keys to trigger IPO's in my program. It seems like it reads the press and release of the keys differently to the previous versions. I use objects under the terrain scene in my program, and then IPO's to bring them into the scene. If I key the shapes into my scene, they pop-up slightly out of position if I hold the key. When I release the key, they are in the correct position. I use another key to remove the objects, and if I hold this key down, all of my objects appear, until I release the key again. This does not happen in 2.34, or previous versions.

The frame rate also slows now a lot in these versions. I realise that my objects, being under the terrain are most likely being processed. In 2.34, I placed them further away from the camera view, and this works fine. In the newer versions, this slows the program down. I am using a P-4 3Ghz with a GE-Force 5700 graphics card, and this works incredibly well in 2.34.

The rest of the new features look great, although I have not yet had much time to test them all. Keep up the good work guy's. Thanks.

Keith R

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