Dynamic circle

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Dynamic circle

Post by joecool »

We need to be able to shape the dynamic circle!!!!
Get on it! *Cracks whip* :twisted:

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Post by Saluk »

Unfortunately, the collision library is proprietary and cannot be used in open source Blender.

Fortunately, this means we have to use another library, probably ODE which supports more interesting collision objects than spheres, as well as other nifty physics features.

Unfortunately, this means the game engine will be out of commissiion for quite a while until this physics engine can be integrated.

Plus, hardly anyone can get the thing compiled yet, and everyone who does have it compiled has different configurations that allowed them to compile it, making it all one big mess right now:)

Hopefully, things can be narrowed down to ONE configuration with all the non-open source parts completely ripped out and eliminated that will be buildable on most OSes without much trouble so that developers can actually get to work on the code...

Looks like the waiting game has started joecool...

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Post by jasper »

Yes it is a shame, that the engine is temporary out of order.

I saw the ODE presentation at the Conference in A'dam, and man, ODE would rock in Blender. It's way superior to the current physics / col detection.

I'm not a programmer, but has anyone an idea of how hard this will be to do, how long it will take?

Check out www.libsolid.com, this is the site of the guy who's written the 2.25 col detection library.

Maybe we can buy it from him, another 100K ? :lol:


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