Mesh Preview for C&C in Blender I3d

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Mesh Preview for C&C in Blender I3d

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Hi there,

I'm doing car models in my spare time and I'd like to be able to fully display the meshes on some forums for comments and critics.

I found that the Blender Game Engine was perfect for it since it offers a fast, easy to use viewer where I don't have to run errands exprting. And it doesn't require any further software, which is just great.

Now I still have some problems which I would like to be soved.

First thing is that people keep asking for wireframe or flatshaded modes and a way to switch between them. I know that I have to write a phyton script changing the view modes, yet I don't know if this can be done by script at all or where to look something like this up eighter. [Maybe I'll find it, sooner or most propably later]

Next is when talking about wireframe mode, I want to know how to actually get a full wireframe displayed. If you just turn the camera viewport into wireframe mode there is only a decimated wireframe beeing displayed. I already clicked the slower draw button and have the decimator disabled, so is there any way I can get beond that yet. (I know that switching the mesh into editmode, turning into the edge selection mode and rendering the viewport using the render button on the right side of the view port menu does the trick for renderig - but not in the game engine.)

Turning the viewport into shaded mode and setting the mesh to solid also works, but the flat shading is plain weird. It looks like the normals are pointing somewhere, just like my mesh isn't smooth at all. It seems smooth in the normal viewports though.

Another problem is that I'm not able to "save dynamic runtime" I can only do a "save runtime" which generates an executable which still needs two blender libraries to run. I'd really like to have a standalone executable. (I know this has been brought up a hundred times propably, and I must admitthat I am too lazy to do another seach through the forums. So don't mind ansering this question. I'll find the solution if it's present in this forum, just if you have a link at your hand, please mind sharing it.)

ps: if you don't know what I'm talking about exactly, here is such a mesh preview: ...
(2.xx Mb)

Thaks in advance,

LeeQid aka screwdriver

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