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Blender Demo Scene

Posted: Sat Feb 05, 2005 7:07 pm
by poutsa
Can you make with Blenders Game Engine something like this Demo (i believe Yes)!!
Download the Demo "Elements" File Name from here to see and hear the Demo: ... dummy=1%22

So why not make a Blender Demo Scene and not only Games and Walktroughs - Runtimes in Realtime with Blenders Game Engine.?
So we can make Demos like this with Music with Inspiration and Creativity!!

Other Cool Demos can be found here:


Posted: Sat Feb 05, 2005 9:56 pm
by KDR_11k
You are aware that the main point of making a demo isn't the actual content but how you go about implementing it? Using restrictions like filesize may not exceed 16kB (usually something between 16 Bytes and 64 kB) and loads of low-level coding are important for demos. On the PC it seems to be limited mostly by filesize, on fixed platforms like consoles you try to get incredible performance out of the thing. It's a technical challenge, not an artistic one.

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 1:59 pm
by kniffo
I do not agree at all!

One point is the challenge of making an intro in 64k - yes - going beyond the borders of the filesize - but:

Another point is about making demos (files, that are actually some MB big) that are full of artistic elements!! Of course, the challenge for the coders is still to create great effects, shaders and maybe procedural geometry/textures but the whole composition is still an artisitc task, not only the plot but how the all elements are working together - gfx, the flow and the music ... .farbrausch even created a tool for demo creation and you can test it on your own.

Blender could be another tools for such content and it could just b for the fun of it (as it is the same with demos).

Are you a demo coder KDR? You sound like one. some of them actualy live in their little coder world and they cannot understand that there is something beyond that .. something called artistic expression.

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 5:01 pm
by oin
Maybe machinima stuff.It's just a cheaper way -3d realtime(shaders, particles..whatever the 3d cards can do in real time, several levels of quality depending on machine,like games)no rendering- to tell stories.

indeed it could be use anyway as content maker (levels and character animations) and use a graphically powered engine like ogre, or the blender's one.

I allways felt attracted by that way of film making.

that one is not limited by download size, and is not aimed at coding eficiency, but to tell a story, like some goot real time cutscenes in intros for games.

Posted: Mon Feb 28, 2005 8:24 pm
by TorQ
I don't know why you couldn't do a lot with file size as well. You could do a lot with stuff generated by scripts at runtime just like demos. There already is a script that bakes procedural textures into bitmaps, just like the demos do.. Of course I think it has just as much to do with the art as the file size.



Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2005 2:30 pm
by malCanDo
Demos are also a good way of utilising various of the more obscure functionality in an app, and can also be used to highlight various areas that are ripe for optimisation. Demos tend to include a number of different effects, each one utilising one or a few specific features and taking it to the max ( eg particle effects, run-time deformation of meshes, multiple over-laid cameras, additive effects ).

And they look cool ;)


Posted: Tue Mar 22, 2005 10:47 am
by kniffo
Good points everyone. :)

Did you have alook at .werkkzeug the demo creation tool of .farbrausch?? It's a very good interfacing of the underlying data/ controllers and procedures.

Blender could be something like that ... :!:

Posted: Sun May 08, 2005 5:16 am
by bleen
blender is a very good ARTIST tool, for non-coders, in my view! blender can do a lot of stuff with the GE, especially the tuhopuu-builds. but the fact is that the GE works in openGL and don´t use direct-x, like most of the demos for windows! the GE is/can be less coding-technical for non-coders but it can be enhanced with python-scripts, you can call it authoring-system. in my eyes blender gives less options in sound and compressing. for me: for the blender soundformats...there was a support .ogg-format in the fmod.dll. it will be cool that all fmod-fomats will be supported by blender. the other thing is, shrinking the files to a minimum of their size...
a exported executeable file from blender eats a lot of bytes and to shrink it with exe-shrinker is not really possible, only the python.dll was shrinked by myself and worked, but not the main .exe.

if you´re tricky enough handling blenders GE, you will have a GOOD creativity-tool and a lot of possibilities to do your stuff, not like your example, but it´s a very good alternative, of course!!


Posted: Sun May 08, 2005 6:09 am
by ysvry
kd said It's a technical challenge, not an artistic one.

well make it so artistic is as important if not more.

I think this is a great ideer for as well artist and coders alike. we could make a 1mb size limit thats ok in todays internet speeds and hd sizes.
kd can host the special blender mobile phone demos in 12k ;P

Realtime Tools

Posted: Thu May 19, 2005 8:23 pm
by poutsa
I Found some more very Interesting Creation Tools (Realtime)!!!

You can Download this Tools from this Links:

maybe this helps the Blender Developers to Find some new Features or Ideas.... from this Creation Tools !!

See YA

Vassilios Boucer