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Future of VR

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2002 12:44 am
by IngieBee
Hey ya'll,

This forum is really slow, and yet it should be the most interesting! How about a little discussion about the future of Virtual Reality?

Aside from gaming, do you see other uses for VR in the future? Do you think it will make a viable commerce meeting ground? Would corporations truly have their bi costal meetings in such locations? What does it really offer that a camera in your face and on the other person's screen and vice versa doesn't?

Is VR education really better than an interactive chat program with pictures? Or is that already VR?

I've been to some classes in active worlds, and must say that it worked out interestingly. felt more like a classroom with a whole room full of students. I was quite surprised at how well it worked!

What other VR uses might there be. So far gaming is driving VR forward, but is there more in the future?

I just wanted to get other ideas flowing in this forum, it's stagnating, LOL


Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2002 5:30 pm
by Guest
Gee, no comments? How about this one?

I never thought of VR being used in a court of law??? How about that for a concept? Common guys, get creative and add your thoughts? VR is facinating, why is this forum dead?

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2002 6:29 pm
by JWalton
i plan to use it for music composition, and 'visualization'.

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2002 6:51 pm
by Guest
JWalton wrote:i plan to use it for music composition, and 'visualization'.
Really? Could you explain how it will work? Sounds interesting. How will VR help you? Live music? will it have interactive features? (as in more than one person at a time?

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2002 11:28 pm
by Guest
Under the more general heading of Augmented Reality you're going to see quite a bit more development in the next couple of years.
I've been involved with VR for over a decade and this past year has seen more activity than any other period.
I'm focusing my efforts in gps tracking, which frees the constraints of VR, and real-time databases.
One of the biggest hurdles is 3d environment creation. Creating 3d environments is very specialized, not many understand it. It's also very time consuming. Now put ontop of the behaviours and event triggers and the develpment time and complexity balloon.
It's only recently we've had enough skilled people to start create that critical mass of material to attract the attention of layman entrepreneurs to consider business models within 3d space.

Re: Future of VR

Posted: Wed Dec 11, 2002 11:58 am
by Guest
IngieBee wrote:Hey ya'll,

This forum is really slow, and yet it should be the most interesting! How about a little discussion about the future of Virtual Reality?

Aside from gaming, do you see other uses for VR in the future? I just wanted to get other ideas flowing in this forum, it's stagnating, LOL

Sorry, I would like to be more present in this fascinating forum but my English is not enough fluid to express the all of my thoughts.
It has been a long time since I wish to create a new type of chat.
I thought of creating a playful place as a MMORPG but the purpose of which would not be to kill "monsters" as in a "Diablo", but rather to live in a " free civ ".
A such Chat-RPG-Civ would be a populated playful meeting place of "bots" and would allow to realize three objectives that I had imagined.
1.-This place would allow to put in experiment a netiquette and a cybercitizenship. And only blender is independent from platforms and from browsers, symbol of equality on the Web.
2.-It would be a place dedicated to the graphic arts. This universe would be enriched by the works of the Internet users and it would be possible to build there parks, museums, galleries...And not as in "CyberTown", to content only with fitting out private houses. I'm just in the spririt of Blender when Ton hopes to open the doors of the art for everybody. And may be more then graphics... And this, only for the pleasure to make something fine.
3.-Finally it would also be an experimental world to introduce "creatures" there endowed with AI or AL.
Maybe that my dream is crazy, but the wise men do not refuse the shoulders of a madman to climb above.

Future of VR

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2003 11:09 am
by Guest
I am quite interesting in VR 'caus of my master degree, french one's get in september 2002: D.E.S.S. IT-IHMRV only in french sorry.
I have searched a job for six months in France in VR (using VR technologies for example in simulation) but I don't find anything.
For the moment, I may have found a job, but in C++ development with MFC use (begin this thursday 16-01-2003). YES :D .
I will come back to VR in my next job, because I just want to work with it.

I think VR will be great in the near future and we will find more and more systems (game, insdustrial process,...). The technologies are very expensive again and the research process will never finish.

I got some ideas of development. Using the Open Source software and build systems which support VR peripherals. I'd like to engage such process with the community but I don't have actually a personal internet access, so I can't manage a website, chat with people, and share my ideas during my sparetime. Must wait for some months propably.

The ideas will be to use VRJuggler,
Openscenegraph, Demeter, Blender and some other ones to build a software (shoot training simulation, ...) and use it in CAVE for example.
Will it have some people interesting in using this technologies ? Ok for me.

My answer will take some days, maybe some weeks 'caus I begin my real professional life. But wait for me, VR will be the future and gamers will be soon totally in the game.
See you soon in VR environment.

Laval virtual French Exhibition on the VR technologies[/list]

Posted: Wed Jan 22, 2003 7:53 pm
by close
What does it really offer that a camera in your face and on the other person's screen and vice versa doesn't?

Hi, uh, names eric I'm new.

In the business world and in fact in the world at large people gleen important information from facial expressions. When discussing a multi_million dolar contract I for one would be much more comfortable seeing who I was talking to.

nice to meet you.

Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2003 5:00 am
by IngieBee
close wrote:What does it really offer that a camera in your face and on the other person's screen and vice versa doesn't?
That's the question... I mean, aside from being funky and fun, it's hard to justify a real use for it.

Woh, cool!! I just realized all the entries made as a "guest" can be seen while posting! I wonder if somehow my settings accidentally got changed so I don't see "guest" postings, ... Here, I'm gonna cut and paste, so I can read what everyone has to say :P ... Ok, that's done, LOL...

Um back to the topic.

Still VR catches a lot of people's imaginations. I mean, for one thing, you can "hide" your ugly (as in my case, LOL) or disfigured face and be an "equal" in VR. No one needs to know you can't walk, hear, talk or anything like that. You are on a level playing field. I'm not sure that seeing someone face to face really gives you more information, it may bias you unfairly??

But besides that there are many applications for VR as in presentations of Architectural projects, Simulators for doing things that can't easily be done otherwise, such as space station construction, where practice is imperative....

Of course these are the areas where VR is already being used. What can we "the people" get out of this available research and technology? Can it be truly useful in business.

Well, like I said, I have attended classes in Active Worlds that were well put together. It's like having a power point presentation in front of you, or you can have interactive learning... such as building something together, which of course isn't useful unless you want to build VR with someone..... but think...

You are a salesman for medical equipment. You have a new Ultra Sound wand, and a meeting with someone in Japan to try and sell Tokyo Hospital 150 units. They want to make a decision yesterday, and don't want to wait for or pay for someone to come and show them the product. You can meet in a VR world, show the design of the wand and it's features, and demonstrate how to use it. They can then take control, look the whole thing over, "Feel" the size and the ease of use... etc... and ya got yourself a sale! He couldn't care less about what you look like, you ain't Japanese and you ain't a young girl, and you aint gonna say "yes" anyway (besides, even if you are, it's to expensive to fly you over, remember?) LOL

Well, that same situation can sell laptops, hairbrushes, schoolbooks, condoms, er... I mean Condominiums... anything really! Besides, it'll make tons of work for us modelers :wink: I could quit my day job and work from home!!! YES!!!

Ok, I'll go now... nite, Love Ingie

Posted: Fri May 16, 2003 9:40 pm
by mail2ian
vr why

I can work on ideas without gravity

you can interact


It might be the best chance to allow another person to view your imagination .

drop the vr tag because it has too many associations with other stuff
i do not understand "virtual"


Posted: Sat Jun 14, 2003 8:51 pm
by IngieBee
I guess the VR tag does have connotations of a bunch of silly people chatting all the time, LOL. But I must admit, in a world like Second Life, it’s much more stimulating to build things (no matter what tools are provided) and having people around you to critique, suggest and give you other ideas, all on the fly. That’s pretty cool. This being from the creative pov, not from any “business” pov.

This is why I love Eskil’s work. I see it turning into something even better than Second Life, maybe “hooking up” to SL?? I don’t know, the future is so open and cool.

Of course I’m a VR nut, so …. That’s where I’m coming from, hee hee hee.

Love Ingie