Memory leak?

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Memory leak?

Post by kitsu »

I'm just starting to play around with the Blender game engine and I found something slightly disturbing. I made a simple test with four cubes arranged along the x axis. I added a "mouseover&mouseclick -> IPO ping pong" which changed one cubes color. I also added an "always (once) -> python (show_cursor)" to show the cursor. Under Blender it works as expected. I then made a runtime of the file and again it worked fine. Being curious I open task manager and sorted the processes by CPU%, not surprisingly while running the test used 100% of one of my CPUs. I also noticed though that the "Mem usage" was going up. In fact it continually goes up 8K a second. It started using ~13 M and I let it get up to ~20 M before killing it. I have never had to deal with memory management but this seems like a memory leak in the BlenderPlayer. It is not a serious problem but I thought I should say something.

Blender 2.36
Python 2.3.4
WinXP SP2, dual Pentium 3.6 GHz, 1 G ram, dual monitor ATI Radeon X300 video cards.

Also Games/demos act completely different when played from a runtime. The ballercoaster demo works well under Blender, but as an exe the balls stall at the first intersection and fall through the maze frequently. How is the BlenderPlayer different from regular Blender? Is it being developed separately/ could it be? I would expect the player to function better then Blender as its task is more specialized.

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