Plug-in demos and download back!

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Plug-in demos and download back!

Post by ton »


check: ... plugin.php

(will move to later)

I need to fix the installation stuff for the plugin, anyone can check it, or give me some tips about the proper html code?


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Post by datura »


i tried to download the plugin from the plugin-page ( ... oad_ie.php) and this didn't work, but autodownload of the plugin worked at the startsite (

I think to change the codebase parameter from actually

Code: Select all


Code: Select all

(like on the startsite) could work.

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Post by Riskbreaker »

Hi Ton,

I've been wanting to do an Online Animation series, and I finally found an example of one thats produced excellently (Skategirl: The Movie).
Now when I tried to open the file in BlenderPublisher 2.25, it was locked. Is there an unlocked version i can get my hands on for educational purpose?

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