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Post by Sutabi »

X3D specs is still highly unsupported there a few applications that are free that veiw x3d and dont have all the impliments in them.

I've been working on an GE Emulator but dropping it and just using what I have made from that as an exporter. Since I can read logic bricks from .blends its a lot easier just converting them into an exsiting game engine, like pyogre (waiting for the swig version). When I finish converter ill be sure to post it. The biggest problem, which i've yet gotten to is converting python script in GE to another game engine.

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Post by drwho »

The talk about the removal scares me a bit. Dont know if it helps or is interesting, but I work in the last couple of months on a shareware game which uses the blender gameengine. Its about to be released in may, screenshots here

And as I posted before at Elysium, of course the gras is more green whereever I am not, but every gameengine has it pros and cons and need workarounds. It is not that you take a 300 000 $ engine and off you go, instant game.

Keep on that great work!

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Post by Money_YaY! »

drwho wrote:The talk about the removal scares me a bit. Dont know if it helps or is interesting, but I work in the last couple of months on a shareware game which uses the blender gameengine. Its about to be released in may, screenshots here

And as I posted before at Elysium, of course the gras is more green whereever I am not, but every gameengine has it pros and cons and need workarounds. It is not that you take a 300 000 $ engine and off you go, instant game.

Keep on that great work!
Nice screen shots.

It is not that money buys a game engine. It is that tools and lots of preset but super modifiable tools give loads of speed in creation and testing. While blender GE is WAY behind in tools now, their are still tons of bugs that just live...

Armatures... The fact that most basic stuff is still only useable or create-able via scripts... :<

In Fact I WANT GE to get a new life , so if that means ripping it out and letting it breath on it's own then do it. But SOMETHING needs to happen, it is eating crap right now, and crap is making it lazy...

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Post by theserpentlord »

The most important reason not to drop the game engine completely is there is NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT. I don't know any other tool that allows you to completely develop a 3D game in minutes - you can build almost every aspect of the game in Blender (though you will probably want to use external programs for creating sound and texture images :-)

It is more than just a toy. Sometimes simple games are all you need. Blender's gameengine can be used for promotional games, interactive visualizations, walkthroughs, education, training, and rapid prototyping. Blender is the best tool for what it does - even if it does not do the everything we expect when we hear the words "game engine"

On the other hand, the gameengine is very complicated, has too few developers and may be too closely integrated with Blender (though it's not as closely integrated as I thought before I began studying the source.)

It seems simple enough to have the "P" key save a temporary .blend file, launch an external gameplayer that knows how to read it (graphics, logic bricks, scripts and so forth) and pause Blender until that program exits. However, none of the other gameengines out there can do this without some new code being written.

Lets combine our abilities, ideas, and the little bit of time we each have to figure out the right way to deal with this. Join us at ... EngineTeam and on #gameblenderdev

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Post by Money_YaY! »

remember all, it will not be dropped. If removed it will have a chance to live again and expand with a greater amount of focus, and a whole new lease on life. This could and should gather outside support from other engines and physics plus have an effect of tuhopuu and test features. As it stands now well you know that part...

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Post by arangel »

It´s good to stress that this is a really unique feature o Blender (3D game creation inside a 3D package). One of Blender´s most important features, a I see.
Alexandre Rangel
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Ive used it, I've cursed it, I've loved it.

Post by nik »

I am not a programmer. I am, humbly, an artist. Programming was never something that I desired to embrace, but I still have desired in the past to make interactive works. I don't have the time to learn to program or the mathematical ability, beyond simple scripting.

Blender has changed the way I work, (at an advertising agency as a senior designer and multimedia developer).

Notonly do I use it as an animation and still image production tool, but three times I've used the games engine in viable commercial projects - twice in the development of branded video games for clients.

I can say that this facility in Blender truly is unique, and valuable to me as a professional graphic artist. Please, don't let it die. Even if it is not developed any further, as it stands it is an incredible, and incredibly useful, tool.

I know this is just another user's opinion, but I empathize with anyone who does not want this facet of Blender to fall by the wayside.

It's an integral part of the best piece of software I have ever had the pleasure to work with.
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Post by LetterRip »

According to the last meeting the GE is targeted for inclusion in the next release. Also additional developers have started contributing code for the GE thus with active developers the GE is likely to stay for the long term.


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Post by malCanDo »

nik, it might be worth posting a little bit about your finished GE projects to this forum, along with some screenshots, to show the GE in actual use... that might also help non-GE developers see its benefit to users etc.


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Post by bmud »

I understand exactly what this would do.
I say tear it out. Treat it like Yafray. Later, I bet we'll decide to have further integration with the revamped game engine.

Or better yet, it might just provoke some people to get involved with making a really good Ogre3D exporter.

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Post by teachtech »

Look over in the testing build section. Looks like someone is working on some big improvement in the engine. Maybe the ball is really starting to roll. :D

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Post by kniffo »

rcas wrote:
kAinStein wrote:What do you mean with interface? User interface, programming interface? And in what manner?
User and Programming Interface.
I pointed this out earlier in another thread in this forum. The best solution is the creation of an interface for engines to connect to so that, in best case, several solutions can be created and/or connected to Blender. The solution could look like Softimages's CustomDisplayHost but that's just a design hint, nothing more.
I agree with you, rcas.

The problem with Blender engine is, that it is not flexible enough to count as a game engine. The NLA is a nice tool for non coders but the translation into game logic is not good enough. If you take our engine at work, we can write scripts and these are turned into C-code which is then compiled into native code for speed which is absolutely needed for a game engine. Blenders engine uses the slow python version of scripting (in fact, its one of the fastest but if you really want to have speed you try to compile your script code at runtime or before runtime) If we would invest some time and money we could actually write our own graphical user interface for the script with objects, inputs and outputs, messages, actors and reactors and so on. I just want to point out that the idea behind a GUI for such an AI system is

Game engines do not only just display content - they optimize everywhere, everytime: I may put up terms like Octree for display and/or collision, LOD techniques for characters, objects and landscape meshes and so on.

Think about this solution please.


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Post by mj_dev »

rcas wrote:Else we can use Yake.
Yake is a small, flexible, cross-platform game engine / application framework licensed under the LGPL. It uses Ogre for graphics, ODE for physics, OpenAL for sound, and Lua for scripting.

More on Yake.
I think Yake could be a good base for game engine. It is not hard-bound to its subsystems. So you could easily use Irrlicht or Blender for rendering with Yake as rendering system is implemented as a plugin ( currently OGRE ). The same true for physics, sound, scripting ... and virtually everything!
For now Yake mantainer is going to develop stand-alone app for level editing.
In my opinion such app could be implemented as Blender plugin. I really wanted to know your opinion on this, guys, as I will possibly become such plugin developer. Me and my team already developed complex scene editor for 3ds max which allowed to export graphical and physical properties of objects and scene definition ( see Octopus on Yake and Ogre3d websites ). That's my fault I did know to few about Blender that time, I really think Blender is better suited for our needs.

So I'd suggest to investigate deeper into such possibility, if you are interested.

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Post by poutsa »

I read in a 3D Magazine about Prof. Game Companys Productions and they Says in a Interview with the Art Production Manager from the Game "Prince of Persia"Simon Tremblay " Whe Dream to have a Complete 3D Application with the Game Engine Integrated in one so we can Work Faster without to Import-Export all the Time Objects from 3dsmax to the Jade Game Engine !!!!!!! The Best is to Integrate the Game Editor into 3DApplication Packed!
TOOLS USED : Jade Engine and Level Editor Included and 3dsmax 4.2
So they Dream to have this Tools all in One!

So i dont understand why to remove the GE from Blender???

Blender is in Right Way: better and better with a Amazing speed Development and with a Game Engine Integrated ( not the Best bud very Good) so make this Better and Blender will ROCKS ALL OVER!!

Vassilios >Boucer
and sorry for my English!

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