is the web player code in the sources ?

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is the web player code in the sources ?

Post by jeotero »

the subject says it all...

By the way first post :P, he eh eh

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Post by nutville »

Yes it is, the Active X control (Internet Explorer) can be build using the M$VC project files. The project file if called "GP_axctl", source is in source\gameengine\GamePlayer\ActiveX. The Netscape plug-in source is build using the Makefiles with source in source\gameengine\GamePlayer\netscape. Directory source\gameengine\common contains the common source for both plug-ins. I don't know the status of the Netscape plug-in (consult nzc for details) but the Active X control should build if you have managed to create the libraries in intern.

success, Maarten

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Post by nzc »

Moz plugin should build fine. We had problems with the c++ libraries used in linking the thing. They often conflicted with the libs that were already loaded for the browser on some configurations. Also, browsers tend to grab the /dev/dsp, so you'll be left out in the cold if you want sound. Liveconnect is badly broken in Netscape, and not supported in Moz 0.9.2+ (or 0.9.6+ or something), and XPConnect was not yet operational (maybe it is now?). A bigger problem is a race condition that occurs between redraws, and window-destroyed messages. If someone with some knowledge about X could give me some hints, it should be easily fixable. I built Linux-i386, FreeBSD, and Irix plugins.... and at least the linux and Freeb ran to satisfaction.

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Post by Hrivelen »

I never had luck with the linux-web-plugin, should I give it a try again ? :shock:

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Post by k-fish »

Hrivelen wrote:I never had luck with the linux-web-plugin, should I give it a try again ? :shock:
I just tried the latest version that was available at yesterday, and it worked quite good in the Mozilla nightly build. Now that 2.25 is available, the situation might have improved even more :)

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Post by Lucas »

hi all,

Did you try to compile the BlenderPlayer.ocx activex component ?

I follow instructions from the dev doc page (eg: ... lease.html) and it appears that the way they describe doesn't work for me ... ;-)

Does someone ever build it and could help me ?

thanx !

- Lucas

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