Brasilia 3D Exposition went great !

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Brasilia 3D Exposition went great !

Post by arangel »

Dear friends of the Blender Dev team and community, I´m very happy to report the success of the exposition of our project Brasilia 3D.
In this month (April/2005) we made three appearences:

- A 6 day exposition on a large shopping mall on which 3000 people used our software. We used 3 PCs, one with a HDTV display.

- A showcase at the House of Deputies of Brazil at a special session celebrating the 45th anniversary of Brasilia.

- A technical talk on a Fnac store on other mall.

All went extremelly well. Everybody was really delighted to fly around our city with this Blender created software. Many people took special interest on it because of its Open Source.

Performance was great on 3GHz machines (around 60fps).

I´d like to take the opportunity to thank all developers and many others who helped us a lot, either improving Blender or giving advice at the forums (Ton, Kester, Joeri, jrt, saint_pill, saluk, JD-multi, nor.j, z3rd). Thanks a lot, guys!

Take a look at videos and pictures here:
Alexandre Rangel
Multimedia Designer

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Post by ideasman »

Congratulations! for getting all that exposure, Id be interested in knowing a little more about your project, looks like its a big thing.

Its good to see people doing bigger projects with blender.
- Cam/Ideasman

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Post by joeri »

That's great.
It's nice that all your effort pays off and was so well received.

Also nice to see so many kids getting involved in virtual reality and 3d.

Good work guys!

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