web-plugin bug ???

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web-plugin bug ???

Post by datura »


i would like to do the navigation from a website using blender.

the navigation (blenderfile) is in one frame and the
content in another. to change the content i use a javascript-
function, which is called by a message-actuator in the blenderfile.

this works exactly 15 times fine and on the 16th the Internet Explorer
crashes. i tried it on three different Win2000 workstations with IE 5.0 and
6.0 and it is always the same thing.

The errormessage is "R6025 - pure virtual function call".

Does anybody know, how to fix it or a workaround ?????

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Post by endi »

Another very big bug: press End key when a web-plugin running.
You can get out this STRANGE :) situation if you run a new IE.

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