Blue Screen with game engine in version 2.37 (Windows Me)

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Blue Screen with game engine in version 2.37 (Windows Me)


When I start the game engine in Blender V2.37 a blue screen appears with the following message :

Error occured. To continue :
Press Enter to return to Windows or the combination of buttons ctrl + alt + del to restart your system.

File Name: VDD(03) + 00001816
Error :00:0028:C0231D9E

This is my system(the error occured in it):
CPU: Pentium 4 1.7 GHz, Gfx: Albatron GeForce Fx 5200 EP with 128 MB connected to AGP 4x , Ram : 640 MB SDRAM , Windows Millennium

What can i do to fix this issue :?: ? Please help me(I am desparate :cry: )
Post any solutions . This is my email

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Are you a Greek ?
I am from Greece !
nice to hear a Greek in this Forum!

Ta leme!



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not to sound mean, but the fact that you have windows ME sounds like a problem in itself.

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