Questions on new Game engine

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Questions on new Game engine

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Hi All,
Thanks to the hard working team who produced the latest version 2.37. Blender just keeps on getting better! I just would like to know what the changes are in the new GE as regards the IPO's. I have a program generated on earlier versions, the last being 2.34, and the key press functions are now different. I trigger certain IPO's from key functions, and my old program now shows key press and release as well.

The tracking camera function that follows my model now shows flicker, where previously the fixed camera showed slight flicker are should I say, a more jerky movement. I am hoping that I do not have to re-do all my old IPO's! This would be a nightmare. So what is the actual difference?

My next question is on the addition of the joystick capability. This is all very well, and something that I desperately need, but it appears that it is still only an ON-OFF function. If the sensors are reading the axes, then can it be used as an analogue function ie. for steering a car, flying an aeroplane etc.? Has anyone managed to do a simple Python script to steer something?

Thanks again.


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