my point of wiev

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my point of wiev

Post by jm »

because it seems to me that we reaching new age of game engine development due to bullet engine &
Game Engine

We got Erwin Coumans, the original creator of the game engine, back at work! He recently started with integrating the ODE and Bullet libraries for rigid body physics and collision detection.
so here are my remarks.

-when i want to work with different shape of bounding box like a box, sphere, cylinder & so on I can see in 3d Window only ghost of a sphere.
-secondly I can change this bounding boxes only in proportion.
-we don't have possibility define our own bounding box, simplest shape of actor.
- we cannot create mesh in game for ie. via Python.
& afterwards have this shape updated for collisions.

collisions are really clumsy at all....I think that it will solve ode & bullet parts of engine & give us more efficient possibilities

-no wire, solid, shade mode for drawing in game only texture mode(it's a pitty)
-missing movie like a texture
-we have a split screen mode. what about a small or big in-window.
- multilayer texturing man it will be must usefull graphic update now as we have possibility calculate radiosity to a texture like
examples of radiosity in a texture: windows linux
- shadows (indeed)
-ortographic camera
- LOD (we can do it but with python script or distance sensor but it isn't really fast sollution)
- particles
-A dream - pixel shader :roll: & mirror

I prefer fmod rather then actual one
this one can't play mp3 & every wav format
- don't think about 3d sound I mean 5.1 or so

slow loading

light X scene
if you have scene with own light set up & then you add second overlay or background scene these light is mixing in common

it doesn't exist

- Actuator - easy TCP & UDP (IP, port, list of messages) like
- OSS(Open Sound System) it could be one of the implemented communication protocol, it could be like:

add object: i think there is some problem. you cannot add numberless objets because there are still here even if you couldn't see them

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thanks for the feedback

Post by erwin »


thanks for the feedback. I will have to read through everything when I got some more time.
Please also notice that Crystalblend will add some nice features in the future.

If you want to post bullet specific requests for gameblender, you can also reach me more directly in this forum: ... m.php?f=11


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Post by bmud »

Just a few things I picked out...

Particles are doable with a pinch of python. And I do mean a pinch. It's so easy!
link to a tutorial i wrote on

Baking Radiosity to a texture is something that's been in development under a good number of people. Search for "VCOL BAKER", and you'll find a lot of complaining people.. Here's what I could find after a little Google-whiz-bang-blamo. ... 9&atid=127 ... in_Blender
Granted that that script does what it's supposed to do, all you need is some time, the vcol-to-texture script that comes with blender, some groovy UV slicing, and some free time.

more than splitscreen? Did you check out the how-to for the splitscreen? You define frames with python. they can be any size and anywhere you want. All you need, if you want picture-in-picture, is a nice backing plane attached to the camera in you main scene so that the "in-picture" doesn't look weird.

Bullet is great, and its being developed by a great dude with a nifty list of credentials. You should give said dude more credit.

To be more agreeable, I too would like to see...
- movie-texture support, though I am sure I've seen mpg supported via an extra library.
- wireframe rendering for any object with any blending mode
- manually setting the colission bounds of an object would be nice
+ i would dream for pixel shaders, but they're already here!!
- path animation
- sound support!!! man oh man, i'm a big sound buff. having little sound support makes me sad. Pygame is a solution for many, but it only supports mpg and ogg. For projects of my own, and the BCGP, I hope to use FastTracker XM modules for music for perfect looping and a smaller file download...

We can hope, but can we act too?

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Post by pildanovak »

If we're already writing things down -
shapekeys - would be really usefull
armatures - would i think need a new code(as far as i've heard it's the same as in blender inernal)

maybe some kind of optimisation would be good - eg only 2 vertex groups per vertex support, or some kind of this limitation.

splitscreenit would be usefull to have possibility to define also the boundings of the default camera, since by now it stays on the background and covers the whole window.

actors -better managment and spawning of groups of objects. maybe the new groups would be great for this?

just ideas to the heap :wink:

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Re: my point of wiev

Post by bleen »

jm wrote: graphics
-missing movie like a texture

I prefer fmod rather then actual one
this one can't play mp3 & every wav format

it doesn't exist
& compression for .exe (e.g. UPX-like), that´s what i´m looking for...

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