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Need Help ?

Post by killer_thrt »

Hey everybody i was just wondering in blender 2.37a I have started a game and I am stuck in how do i make new scene's or laod scene's into the current project ?. And if any of you played games like zelda ect..... that your charecter is infront of the camera you know the camera is just following the charecter around how do you do that if anybody can help me out thank's quite a bit of question's since I have just started to use this engine blender 2.37a for almost a month now well thanks and I will try to be on this thread everyday . :)

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Post by Fred_Pyo »

Hi there, and welcome to the wonderful world of blender! I would suggest for your creation needs to post in the elysiun Game Blender forum, there you can get help from MUCH more people than here (these forums I think are more oriented into the development of Blender itself, and not developing content with it). Anyway, here's a little site with tuts you can check out, maybe they can help you out. Remember, just drop a post at and you'll surely get a reply!
(I think that "Colour Power", "Game Level Design I", "Little OTO" and "Carball Pinball" are related to the engine, I specially recommend reading the Little OTO one because it pretty much covers much of the game making basics...)

Good luck!

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