CrystalBlend Design Document V0.1

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CrystalBlend Design Document V0.1

Post by jorrit »

Hi all,

Here is the first design document for the new CrystalBlend with new game logic. It is not 100% ready yet but already shows some things that will be there. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I'm also still looking for developers. Several artists already supported to my request for contributors but not too many developers.

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Post by kakdila »

look interressant!

I just think that it is an error of saying that the logics brics are addressed to non-programmers, to my opinion with the "logics brics" it also acts of programming, it's only a way a little different from the programming with words.
It have for the beginners in programming the advantage of avoiding the errors of synstaxes and to have under the hand all the functions and property available.
I could not help you to program because I program only with languages simple such as Javascript or other :( ...

Thank you for your work !

sorry my bad english

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