Branching Blender for CrystalBlend: new BlenderCB project

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Branching Blender for CrystalBlend: new BlenderCB project

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On Ton's request I made a new project called 'BlenderCB' on ( This project will basically be a fork of Blender in which we can do the following
  • - Experiment with dynamic loading of modules (i.e. the
    CrystalBlend+CS plugins).
    - Start working on the new user interface for the new CrystalBlend
    game logic system.
I need volunteers to help me setup this project. I have absolutely no clue about the Blender code base so it would be great if someone who knows a bit about Blender internals could help me get started (at least the dynamic loading to integrate a bit of CS would be a very nice initial goal).

CrystalBlend can be found at: ... ystalBlend


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