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thebestkeptone wrote:from the opengl official website...

Q. Do I need an OpenGL-savvy graphics card to run my 3D game?

A. The short answer is yes. Almost all of today's high-powered, effects-filled games require that you use an OpenGL-savvy graphics card and almost all modern graphics cards support OpenGL. Some games may run in software only mode, but only very very slowly. Many games will simply not run without an OpenGL 3D graphics card.
yes but the question was
"Why doesnt blender use direct3d or directx instead of opengl?"
Not: Why doesn't the game engine use directx ...etc.
Pierre-Luc_Auclair wrote: It always makes me laugh when people compare OpenGL and DirectX directly.
With Vista the laughter might die when OpenGl proves to be emulated in directX. We will see about that I guess.

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