few things I miss in game engine

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few things I miss in game engine

Post by jm » Sat Mar 25, 2006 12:56 am


as probably few of you guys know I'm working on project called BFight ( http//:bfight.org ).
B means more or less Blender...something like a fight with blender issues and stuff and much more ofcourse. :D

nevertheless, thru the experince on this game I found these things I'll hope will be imroved in one of the next releases, If someone will be willing to work on it ofcourse.

(2.41 or 2.42 test builds)

1. when you have more then 1 world in the project, for some reason if you I use in the scene world 2, 3, etc. shading, fog, engine, doesn't work as it supposed to. (I saw this problem on windows 2.41, my ubuntu installation is fine)

2. character animation is really hard, because we can use only "hard" animation, which means we cannot use IK, and other helpers.
armature baking doesn't solve this problem, If you guys know how to bake an animation with helpers as you can see it in the window please tell me. but i Think there is now way nowadays.
I tried use IK and copy location in Game Engine and it works but only till the end of the game, after I press escape blender crash. In executable files it doesn't work at all.
I found out that 2.37a does that. but be carefull, the conversion between new version and 2.37a gives you sometimes strange result.

3. animation speed in game engine. we have only one speed in animation, and if you want to change the speed of animation in game there is no way, or you should do crazy tricks with python, which slow down calculation. If we wil have for example in actuator button one number like speed which will releated to speed of animation, it helps a lot with corelation in the game or in tricks aka matrix, or max pain.
http://www.continuousphysics.com/Bullet ... .php?t=251

4. bump mapping, I tried bump mapping in the new test build and I haven't found a way how to change shade color, there is only black as far as I know. ..as far as I played with prearrange script.

5. my ubuntu installation run pretty fast but I dont understand why some textures have bad color fades(no smoothing).(this is probably only problem with my installation, but maybe you know where is problem).

6. when I use bullet engine solid non dynamic object react like a dynamic object in ode, or sumo...not everywhere I need to use dynamic object.

7. fog. you can change fog, fog, color, background color, etc, via python.
you shouldn't have assignt world already otherwise it doesn't work
and if you don't have world you can't choose collision engine type :(

8. switching bettwen blender material and non blender material type of shading is possible only in blender, not in game.

9. game actuator>start new game doesn't allow add prefix in to the path.
for ie. game.exe -g blender_materials 1. when I tried it blender show me error.
(this could somehow solve problem mentioned above.)

update 25.03.06
10. Uv texturing will be much more faster with Gimp online(no saving bettwen 2D update and 3D)implementation. I know that some python script for this exist, but I don't know it it still works, and Gimp verse project is on the way, so maybe....

11. I miss raw text, like properties or framerate in blender. It will be really usefull tool for everyone of us, because now we need to thing about some scripts and hard ways how to write those values to texture text. why? and this raw text is nicer in most cases....and it faster to calculate(no alfa etc.).
I saw it in bullet examples already, so why not implement it like a graphic segment in to BGE.

12. this thing is partialy included in topics before(11, 8 ).
be nice if we will have posibility to show-hide properties in game that we may change now in terminal like "-g show_properties 1 or show_framerate 1, etc.)
ok that's all for now,

if someone knows how to solve one or more problems I wrote here please
correct me or help me :D

thank a lot jm

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Post by Saluk » Wed May 03, 2006 7:05 am

Hear hear!

There are a lot of bugs in the tracker though. 81 open bugs?

Issues with added objects are especially annoying.

Text!!! The slowest part of blender! All my interfaces for rpgs etc are a major pain with the text being so ugly and hard to work with, and slow. It seems like since blender can already do these things it wouldn't be too hard to include.

Actually a nice gui interface would be even better :) Could import one of the gui libs that exist, like cecmpgui I believe? There are a few. Or just use ghost.

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