Make runtime compatible to external compressors?

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Make runtime compatible to external compressors?

Post by bleen »

Hi there,

a few month ago, i asked for a possibility to compress the exported runtime (game) with something like UPX (an executable packer). I had a lot of trails but no success. My runtimes are gowing and growing on my harddisk. Maybe is it a quite smart solution to make the runtime more compatible for external compressors...Such compressors like UPX shrink the runtime more than 50% of the orignal compilied size. To compress blenders main program executable is quite fine, but i had no chance to make the runtime (game) functional running with this method....i sad about that!
Isn't it a good idea?
Any interested coders?
Thank for your attention.

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Post by z3r0_d »

the runtime would have to static-link to the dlls... which I guess is entirely possible

or you could use an executable packer that doesn't require the exec be a single file. ... or use winzip or iexpress to create a self extracting archive

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