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Rasterizer 2 realtime texture ?

Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 1:50 pm
by Olm-Z

I am developping a project involving some geometrical deformations of the output of a 3d scene in realtime ... so I was wondering if it could be possible to use the Rasterizer to write the viewport in a file in memory that could be read on the fly by another scene or blender app game as a texture for polygons ... (so in realtime as a frameserver and not as targa files on a disk ...)

Or maybe directly with opengl/GLSL ?

does anyone have tried something like that ? or see how it could be done ? (on linux preferably... I work with ubuntu)

this functionality coud be also used as some procedural texture or even "mirror" in the game engine ... render2texture is like a vortex : possibilities are infinites ...

(I'm cross posting this from blenderartist forum, as it could be more relevant here)