too busy with coding style?

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too busy with coding style?

Post by _florian_ »

hi all

i'm wondering if the coders are too busy with coding styles.
there is a major problem with the sources. yes it's the collision detection

if i'm right the ode library can do more than just detect collisions.
the library also handles all things needed by a dynamic environment.

but if i checked the blender sources right there are redundant parts of
ode and blender.... so what to do? change BIG parts of gameblender?
i don't think so. i prefer a doing a wrapper around ode to get the
functionality back asap. then we'll see how we can do it better.
but the style lawyers will hang me on the next tree!!!!

i'll try to check out that part.
is someone else working on the problem?

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Post by Doogs »


Im not working on the problem because i am only an artist and newbie python programmer, but I think that is a very good idea as to implement it in now so we can continue functionality... Then we'll be able to work with gameblender, and test out the physics implemented within ODE... Which sounds really cool to me ;)


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