help with hair ( im not a noob i just suck at doing hair

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help with hair ( im not a noob i just suck at doing hair

Post by MisadventureFilms »

Ok I'm making a movie with a guinea pig in blender and the guinea pig I'm using is my real one. So my goal is to recreate the one I have into a blender model so that the scenes in the movie that I cant use the real one in Ill use the CGI one ( like for when hes talking and standing on his back legs) so far I have come accross big problems.... but Ive over come them but now this one has stumped me. I got the hole mesh ready and every thing just when i add hair it goes like every but where I want it to go ( it goes on teeth eyes and ears but not on any of the hairy parts) so if theres a way to make it so that I can put the particles only where i want them( I know theres a way just im not sure how to do it) and also to make them thiner in some places ( like on a guinea pigs ear theres a lil bit of hair there but on the rest of the body it pretty thick) and aslo make differnt colors/colours in differnt places cuz on the back of the guinea pig is like a gold/blonde type of hair and on the front and head its lil bit of white then black and some white stripes... so if you have any answers (or tutorials that could answer them) to my problem please post it here and ill put you in the credits or not depending if you want to be in the credits thank you for reading

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Post by kaeru »

Hi ,

There's a build at with the new particle system which may be nice for what you want to do , here's the link :

Search for a build with "particle" in the name ...

About the particle growing where you don't want them , you need to create vertex group ( select the polygons you want the particle growth on and in the editing panel (F9) search for "link & material" panel and under vertex group click on new , then click on assign).
After that you need to assign the name of the vertex group in the particle panel (Vgroup)...

About the new particle system , you have better searching/asking info at .

Peace :) .

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