having problems

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Mad Matt
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having problems

Post by Mad Matt »

Well, theres two things I would like to know.

1)How can I make 3D Models transparent?

2)How can I make particles that are visible when the "P" button is pressed?

Thanks in advance!
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Post by kaeru »

1) you have to apply a transparent material to your model .
With your model selected :
Object buttons(F7) -->Draw panel -->draw extra-->turn on the transp button , then
shading buttons(F5)--> Material panel-->move the Alpha slider (A) at the bottom.

2)That's in the game engine ? and for smoke ?
I don't use it so much but I think particle don't work in there , and that you have too use the logic brick to do that .

Please use blenderartist support forum for this sort of question , you'll certainly be answered faster than here (devs forum).

Peace :).

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