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faster ik

Post by kaktuswasser »


We need faster IK! I really like blender, but the slow ik-calculations make it almost unusable after you have animated about 300 frames or so..
I dont knowwhy it's so slow, but if you try messiah:animate you'll see
that it can be MUCH MUCH MUCH faster.
I hope anyone of you code-gurus can take a look on it...

cya henrik

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Post by z3r0_d »

you sure it is all the ik?
soft skinning is very demanding too, especially with more verticies.

(tried turning down 'iterations' on your ik constraints? I think that may help if it is the problem)

I just created a ~1830 frame animation, with a location key for the ik target every .5 or 1 frames, and I see no speed problems with the armature.

maybe you need a lower poly mesh to animate, and then render with the fully skinned one?

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Post by Eric »

And if you're using subsurfs you should turn down the level for the view since Blender else have to calculate both the IK >and< the subsurfs.

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Post by kaktuswasser »

i have both..
a char with 368vertices and no subsurf...

cya henrik

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Post by Hos »

kaktuswasser wrote:i have both..
a char with 368vertices and no subsurf...

cya henrik
Part of the reason for the slow IK is the bad parenting
you have with your model (referring to mirror.blend).
For example, your IK target R.Arm.IK is set as the child
of R.LowerArm, which is part of the chain the
IK solver is trying to constrain. This is bad... and you
can see something isn't right because the wrist doesn't
even point at R.Arm.IK.


P.S. You should have the R's and L's at the end of the names
so you can take advantage of flipped poses.

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Post by kaktuswasser »

ohh.. didnt know those mistakes :oops:
hos: can u correct those parenting-issues and send them back to me? that would be
very helpful and kind of you :)

@r and l's: oh.. didnt know that.. now i know why those flipped poses never worked for me... :roll:

cya henrik

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Post by soletread »


I agree that the IK system is frustratingly slow. And I dont think it is anything to do with the mesh as such. Well it can be, but even without a mesh anywhere, just an armature, it still can be sluggish.

For example. Take one of your projects that are currently on your site. Strip out all but the armature. Or better yet, append the armature to a blank project.

I am assuming the armatures are done correctly of course. I trust your knowledge. :wink:

Still, move a leg. I am getting the equivalent of about 3 frames a second in response time if you know what I mean. If you delete the hand rigs then all is fine. I dont blame the fingers, I just feel that they do make the rig necessarily complex and therefore slow. This should surely not be.

(I am using a PIII 800Mhz 512 Meg Ram).



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Post by hanzo »

yeah blender Ik has issues, to just bring up some game points of veiw more the 3 complet skeletons in game mode will slow a good comp down...

this shouldn't happen :? a real pain in the arss... if you want to make a good game..

my comp is 1.3, ghz 128 mb ram, ATI 7200 64 mb graphics card...

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Post by solmax »

we all agree that blender hasn't state of the art ik AND deformation in terms of speed. of course we can tweak and optimize, but that doesn't solve the problem. and we've all seen all those superb animation packages and wish blender had their speed/interface/features etc. as far as ik is concerned, theeth says:

"This is being worked on.

Not by me, but it's being worked on AFAIK.

Martin" ... pic&t=2063

i think we should let the developers work and see what comes out.

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Post by Pablosbrain »

I too am waiting for IK to be sped up a lot. I've got 8 characters in a scene and it completely bogs down my system (1.7ghz AMD, 1gigram, WinXP) unless I turn off a bunch of the layers with the characters. Even just rotating my view to see the scene from a different vantage point is slowed down when all the armature parented characters are visible. This definitely needs some looking into.

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